Saylor Design Co is for any woman who might be struggling in this loud and busy world to feel happy and gorgeous every day. 

We are design and style company whose mission is to empower women create joyful, beautiful lives. What those lives look and feel like is different for every single girl. Our job is to inspire your path and help you explore what makes you feel beautiful inside and out. 

Sometimes that’s a gorgeous top paired with the perfect necklace. 

Sometimes that’s the perfect gift to give a girlfriend. 

Sometimes that's an inspirational phrase to make you stand taller or fall on the floor laughing.

Always, that’s a little something to make you feel lighter and brighter. 

So, just who the heck am I?

Okay. Okay. Let's get to know each other a little better. My name is Kara Gorski and Saylor Design Co is my baby. Yep, that's me right down there.


 Many years ago, I was living the perfect life. (Okay, I am still living a pretty perfect and extremely blessed life, but just hang in there with this story.)

I had an awesome, growing career as an economist (OMG! I have a Ph.D. in economics. Who does that?). I had two little boys at home who were 15 months and 3 years old at the time, and an amazing husband who was a budding entrepreneur. I worked all the time to try to balance my home, my office and my life’s greatest loves. 

It all looked amazing on Facebook. Except that it wasn’t. Because, I was miserable. 

I had totally lost myself. I could not keep up with all the demands on my time and my giant to do list at home and at work. I felt like I was always neglecting someone or something every single minute of every single day. I always felt guilty. I never said no. I never had time for myself. 

Do you ever feel that way? 

Then, one Sunday afternoon I took off my bra and my hand brushed up against a hard lump on my breast.

I had breast cancer at age 35, a disease I had lost my own mother to when I was 7 years old. 

 My diagnosis and treatment took me on a transformative journey of self realization and discovery. I figured out what I really wanted from life and how to get it. And what I wanted was really pretty simple. 

I wanted to wake up each morning and be joyful. Just joyful.  

And that's what I want for you too.

Welcome to Saylor Design Co.


P.S. If you still need my street creds, here are a few places I've been spotted.





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