Words To Help You Beat The Overwhelm

April 18, 2018

Words To Help You Beat The Overwhelm

Is your day madness? 😫

Do you wake up each morning wanting to tame the cray cray but don't seem to ever be able to? Today, I'm sharing the 5 essential steps that I guarantee will instantly tame your chaos, reduce your stress, and leave you happy. 

Listen up, these are the 5 steps I take every night as I slip into bed and review the sheer madness tomorrow will bring. I run Saylor Design Co, work with my husband to run a luxury landscape firm, am active on boards and at schools, and have two boys who are constantly going a gazillion different places.

Yes, I am you.

But, these five little words are essential to keep me sane and happy. Every. Single. Day.  🙌 🙌 And now, they are yours too. 

5. PLAN. Grab 5 minutes to plot out your day tomorrow the evening before. Honestly, I do this at 10 pm in bed. Look at what is essential to get done, who needs to go where and when, what meals you want to prepare, if any at all! While life will not always go according to plan, having it sketched out allows you to GIVE OVER YOUR STRESS AND WORRY to a list. I guarantee you will feel lighter.

4. DELETE. Now that you’ve made a PLAN for tomorrow, identify at least 1 thing that you can remove from your list. Take it off, give it to someone else or just decide to move it to a later date. DELETING is FREEING.

3. BUFFER. Before you engage with your peeps, whether kiddos, family, friends, or colleagues, make sure to build in a little buffer time for yourself. Your buffer may look like 10 minutes sitting alone in the car, at your desk with headphones on at work, or maybe waking up 30 minutes before your kids do. Whatever it is, a BUFFER is a BLESSING. Grab one.

2. SAY NO. You’ll hear me saying this a lot, but drawing boundaries will bring you peace. Maybe it’s walking away from a relationship that’s not working, or maybe it’s simply saying no to request of your time. It is a practice that takes work, but saying no is essential to helping you truly show up for your tribe.

1. MOVE. Seriously, take a walk. Take a hike. Go to yoga. Do some pilates. Something! Anything! Moving your body in a new surrounding will reenergize your entire being and amplify the energy you give to mothering. It also teaches your little ones that carrying for our bodies is of utmost importance. Because it is.

Woot! Are you ready to be stop doing overwhelmed?

Go do it, girl. You got this. 

P.S. If you need a little extra help, check out our daily organizer notepad - it is my personal planner and sits on my nightstand so each morning I can rip off that sheet of paper and take my day with me. 👉

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