Discover Your Personal Style in 2 Simple Questions

July 02, 2018

Discover Your Personal Style in 2 Simple Questions

I'm a big believer that identifying your personal style will simplify your life and bring you immense joy. Knowing this one little thing about yourself helps you make decisions quicker, saving you time and often money, too. You know exactly what you're searching for and you can disregard anything that doesn't fit. 😳

And, let's be clear, your personal style isn't just what you wear. Although what you wear is a big part of it, your personal style spills into your home and even how you organize your life.

The good news? It is super easy to figure out your personal style. You can do it by answering 2 simple questions!

Before we get to those questions, a little primer. There are 2 basic categories of personal style and everyone fits into one of them. From there, you simply tweak and embellish to personalize the style so that it brings you the most joy and comfort.

The first style is a classic look, which is clean lines and lots of neutrals. The second style is more eclectic, with bolder colors and a mix of prints. 

You probably have a pretty good sense of which one of these resonates most with you. But, let's dig a little deeper with these quick questions.

1. Who are your style muses? Often your muse is a combination of a few different people! Think about what celebrities or person you know captures your style. If you're struggling to identify any muses, think about whose closet you really want to raid and what you'd steal from there. 

2. What words do you use to describe their look? Clean, classic, modern, bohemian? The words you use to describe their look are the aspects of their style that resonates most with you and is your personal style!

An example. I am a Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow kind of girl. I love clean lines and lots of blue based neutrals (so grays and blacks as opposed to taupe colors). So, when I shop I avoid busy patterns and prints, and go straight for racks full of neutrals.



I would tend to avoid some of the bold looks like these gorgeous ladies, but they may be your cup of tea!



Are you sitting there thinking...doesn't this give me a closet full of all the same stuff?

Well...YES! Yes, it kind of does. Trust me, I am one of those peeps!I bring home a new top and my husband looks at me and asks, "don't you already own that?" 

Instead of feeling bad that your closet is filled with similar items, you need to embrace those repeat offenders girlfriend. :) Because they are your style. They bring you joy and make you feel comfortable and confident when you get dressed.

Ain't nothing wrong with that. Happy styling!

 I actually started wearing things I bought after I figured our my personal style! A must read for any girl.

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