Behind The Design: Our Momster Tee

October 19, 2017

Behind The Design: Our Momster Tee

A few weeks ago, our family was doing a photo shoot at our new home, deep down in our woods. We were climbing over rocks and swinging from branches as we played and captured fun moments together. There might have been some yelling. 

All of the sudden, our amazing photographer asked me what made me fall in love with my husband. Well, that one is easy. That dude makes me laugh!

I don't mean just chuckle or giggle. I mean, drop-to-your-knees, cry-your-eyes-out, pee-your-pants, laughter. 

The real truth is that what he loves most is to make me laugh. However he can. Whenever he can. I get texts like this from him on his way to work, "I liked watching you laugh this morning. Better than coffee!!" Y'all that is true love spoken from a man who can be seen all morning long with a 7-Eleven coffee up in his hand. 

And that, girlfriend, is precisely how our Momster Tee was born.

One afternoon, that smarty pants husband walked through our front door and busted out with a "Where's the Momster?" It stuck. Immediately. Ever since that day, all those crazy people who live with me lovingly refer to me as the Momster.

I'm happy to own it. I consider it a term of endearment for a demanding, high-expectations, full-of-love mom who expects her boys to just be good humans. 

So there you have it. Our Momster Tee was born out of purely out of LOVE and LAUGHTER. Basically, the very best things that keep us all together.  

Who is making you laugh in your life?

Ask yourself that question every time you put on your Momster Tee.

I hope your answer spills from your mouth with exceptional ease and a giant smile. 

Lord above, bless all the Momsters. 








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